Are We Having Fun Yet?

Wow this day is off to an odd start. The blender just died, both the hot water pot and the garbage disposal were making weird sounds. Something is in the air. The burden of interpreting these metaphysical kitchen signs has fallen on me as my wife slipped into her magazine to distract her unsettled mind. I sat down in front of my computer hoping for some insight as I write this. I decided the absolutely best way to look at this and most of life is with a sense of humor. Humor can chill the grief I feel over my smoothie machine’s collapse. Humor can make me laugh even if my herbal tea isn’t as warm. Laughter is a great agent for healing. It seems to me that I do much better when I don’t take things so seriously. How about you?

The world today in is filled with an intensity that goes on and on. I look at the faces as I travel about my day. I don’t see many happy people out there? The hurry and worry seems everywhere almost to the point of being a malady of urban life. The antidote for this terminal seriousness is healthy doses of humor, laughter and remembering to lighten up. Enjoying life is much more fun then being serious about it. Sure there are things in life that need attention and must be taken care of but that doesn’t stop life from being a joyous experience.

Here are some ideas to bring more joy, humor and fun into your life:
1.) Have friends that make you laugh, that like to be playful and have fun. You can only hang out with serious friends on serious occasions.
2.) Take some time each day to watch your thoughts and start replacing the inner dialogue that is mad, critical, blaming and complaining with thoughts of appreciation, encouragement, and playfulness and creativity.
3.) Set up play time for yourself, each day would be best, but at least every week is essential. Use that time to play games, sports, be creative, sing songs, dance around the house, watch fun movies or whatever you enjoy.

Now doesn’t having fun and enjoying life sound better then the alternative? Well I guess I better head off to the store in search of a new smoothie magic machine. I wonder if it is ok if I dance and sing through the local hardware store as a look for a replacement?