Is Struggle Really Necessary?

I have been observing a lot of expanding and contracting going on inside of me lately. The challenges of life can certainly put me through the emotional roller coaster at times. I can go from an open joyous appreciation of life to a fearful concern about what I see going on in the world. I can feel an almost too comfortable identity with self-struggle and those that struggle. Somewhere in my mind I have given struggle a higher value then ease, effortless and joy. Where does that belief come from? It has to be, what I learned, growing up. That somehow I am a better person if I struggle then when things come to me more easily. What a silly belief and a great rationale for putting up with stuff I find unacceptable. I want to leave this investment in struggle behind. I want to be open to a life of fluid possibilities where all can happen with ease and joy. Isn’t that just as possible as through pain and suffering? I was also wondering how much of the suffering and struggle I create just from my thoughts?

Do you value struggle over easily having what you want? If not how did you learn to be more effortless? If you do hold struggle as better in some way, then who taught you that? Is it time to look again at that limiting belief? Can beliefs be changed easily? You bet they can. If you read some research that said chocolate is good for you after years of mixed feelings about easting it, wouldn’t you adapt to the new favorable belief easily. It could be instant couldn’t it? Yes how you think about things can change in seconds. What beliefs do you hold that really need to be changed? Can you give up your identity with struggle, with not having what you want, with feeling a little “poor me” about some situations in your life. Is it time to move on to the new and improved you yet? The new model could come easily in just a few seconds of new thought.