What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is about looking deeply into the nature of things. Consciousness is about exploring who you are beyond the social conditioning and the ego. About finding your own truth. As a conscious being you listen to your higher self, to the limitless inner wisdom that resides in your cellular history and collective mind. In conscious awareness you see beyond the surface into the underlying forces of all of life. You sense the innate connection with all things.

I have been so fortunate to be open to moments of clarity and knowing beyond myself. I have walked in silence in the desert, the mountains, along the ocean and I have known the connection and feeling of unity with all things. In my objective viewing of myself I have seen the ego and personality as simply the surface of who I am. Under the surface I have found an endless river of potential, knowing, possibilities, compassion and more. Sitting with enlightened ones I have enjoyed their light and got closer to mine. I have felt the passion of my heart open wide and hold the entire planet in its love. I have breathed in the vastness of all there is and felt such wonder. I have been on the earth with awareness and extended myself into the infinite beyond the stars. In my search to go beyond myself I have come upon an interesting insight. There is in me all the beauty and wisdom of creation. I am made up from the same stuff that is the ocean, the mountains, all living things and even the stars. I am from the same infinite intelligence that guides the forces of the universe.

Now that is a good bunch of stuff to hang out with, isn’t it? All of this is in you too. Find out for yourself. Here are a few ideas to explore consciousness. 1. Take some time to sit or walk in silence and open to the experiences that come from that. 2. Ask yourself “who am I” and then spend some time listening. 3. Get to know your inner dialogue and find out what beliefs limit you.

Along the way I will share with you a variety of questions, viewpoints and practices that can assist you to fully discover yourself. If you are interested, see you again.