This Moment is Amazing

The morning walk was noisy with the sound of birds chirping, geese squawking and my mind restless with thoughts. The first signs of a warming trend were welcome even to the geese who found a small pond to play in even though the lake across the street is still frozen solid. These guys were having fun splashing each other and honking up a storm. I watched and was reminded that in the moment there is always the possibility for fun, an opportunity to enjoy life. Too often my occupied mind is so busy thinking about the past or planning for the future that I miss out on enjoying what is happening right in the present. I am working on changing that to bring even more joy into my daily life.

Here are some ideas I am exploring to assist me to be more present to all the wonderful moments of living. There is in fact only this moment. Everything happens in the now. Nothing ever happens in the past, that would be called memory. Nothing ever happens tomorrow because when tomorrow comes it is in the moment. Does that make sense? So in each moment we have the opportunity to experience the gift (present) that it is or we can miss out by being in the memory of the past or the longing for the future. Obviously planning for the future has great benefits, as does remembering what was wonderful about the past. The brief encounters with planning and memory actually only can happen in the now. This moment is all we have. When we live in the awareness of this moment as the time when all things are possible then we empower ourselves to create the life we want.

Like the geese playing in the pond, we can take what this moment gives us and shape our experience. Living this moment to moment existence fills us with endless possibilities to shape our reality. Try this interesting experiment: Take a day and live it as fully as you can each moment. Make enjoyment a goal. It would best be a day that is not too busy because being present takes focus. It will be helpful to have a notebook to write and explore your experiences. You will learn much about yourself and how your mind works. Then take what you have learned from this exploration and use it to enrich your daily life.

When you learn to live fully in the moment you will open doorways to the infinite possibilities of the universe. Now if that isn’t a great benefit then I don’t know what it. Go have fun, be present and make your life what you want it to be.