Stirred Up - How about You?

I feel such a charge of aliveness these days. Maybe it has to do with so much being stirred up in the world. It could also be that I have decided to move beyond my small concerns and instead look at what, in the big picture, needs to be addressed? As I look at the big issues, I see keeping the planet livable, finding peaceful ways to resolve conflicts, and the full care and feeding of all people on the planet as important. These issues are worth all my effort and challenge me to be bigger then I have yet been in this life.

Have you found what matters most for the bigger you? Is there purpose and passion in what you do? Have you been able to go beyond survival and stretch yourself to be more? What makes you feel most alive? What is your mission now and what will it be later? Have you full signed up for all you feel you are here to do? What consciousness and awareness needs to grow in you before you can take yourself to the next level of your expression?

Human nature offers a spectrum of possibilities from survival, protection and meeting the basic needs to creative potential, compassionate action, and purposeful expression. Where on this continuum are you now? Have you been able to avoid falling into the trance of life? If you aren’t excited and feeling alive then it is time to stick your head out of the deep groove of habit you live in. It is time to listen to your heart, your desires, the fire in your belly, the callings of your spirit. You have a very important part to play in the evolutionary progress of this planet. If you express your part the light will shine on all of us. If you don’t then something gets lost and progress dwindles. Don’t doubt for a second that who you are is needed. Are you ready, set, ok be you in full aliveness now.