Keep Asking Questions

I was sitting appreciating this cold, beautiful, freshly white morning when my mind started thinking about how important it is to ask questions. I had some recent conversations that left me wondering if people really thought about what they belief in and if they searched inward to find their own truth. There sure are a lot of people out there who want to tell us what the truth is.

This is what came to me as sat down in front of my computer to write. How do we sort out what our truth is? Where is the truth in us? Is truth something each of us must find for ourselves? I am not sure of the answers but I can share my own path and invite you to discover yours.

Most of my adult life I have been fascinating by human nature and our unique capacities. I have come to respect that each person has his or her own journey. So I don’t know what is best for anyone else. What I have learned for me is that I must ask questions and listen inward. My mind, body, heart and spirit all have wisdom to share with me and I have learned to hear what they have to say. There is such a vast knowing in us even at the cellular level. The more I ask questions inward, the more I feel I tap into something that is much greater then me.

I was raised in a very defined belief system that served me growing up. As a young adult I began to question that belief system because things were incongruent and didn’t make sense to me. So I went searching and asking questions much of which was through college and grad school and my readings. That questioning and searching still continues today. Maybe it has been this hunger to know that has kept me such a student of life?

The questions you ask are incredibly important. The growing in your own truth is part of being a more conscious human being. You and I live in a time when conscious human beings are truly needed. So keep asking inwardly, searching and finding your own way and world will be richer through your knowing.