We All Deserve Love

Today is the first official day of my Explore Life Blog. It is very fitting that it is Valentines Day because the blog is about expanding the human heart and its positive influence on the world; it also about consciousness and the benefit of us all being fully awake to who we are. Check out the other two journal entries to get a flavor for what this blog is about. Remember most of all that you deserve love.

Well it is Valentines Day and something tells me I need to write about love. I guess I am psychic or something. I am very blessed to have such wonderful love in my life. I hope love blesses your life richly too.

Love is something we all want. Love feels good when we have it and it feels bad when we don’t. We have all been hurt by love. When in love, we have all felt this amazing joy. So why don’t we have love all the time if it feels so good? Good question and it’s worth exploring.

We get in the way of love, when we try to control another. When we judge. When we have expectations. When we let our ego get in the way of our heart. When we can’t forgive. When we are insecure and jealous. When we become dependent. When we stop listening. When we can’t trust. When we hold in our feelings. When we loose track of what is important. All of these and more chase love away.

So how do we keep love around? Love is glad to stay when we appreciate who our lover is. When we are accepting. When we listen and care. When we enjoy their company. When we tell them how we feel. When we take responsibility for who we are. When are supportive and encouraging. When we share are hopes and dreams with them. When we explore life together. When we have fun with each other. Love responds very well to love.

So on this day for celebrating love, make a commitment to loving as freely and completely as we can. Let the whole world in on our love. Feel love in every cell of our being. Imagine the whole planet in your heart being filled with love. If we all glowed with love, the world would shine brightly. In each of us is an infinite capacity to love. So tap in and let love spread because we all deserve love.