Getting Out of the Way of Success

A warm breeze sweeps from the West over the snow covered mountains and presses itself against my window as I sit here writing today. I have been exploring the theme of love lately. Through this exploration I have been gaining insight and understanding about the inner aspects of love.

I have discovered some old messages inside that frankly surprise me. I have worked extensively over the years to be aware of my inner dialogue and to shrink the inner critic. I felt my self-talk had become supportive and my critic has shrunk to a whisper. Recently, however, I have heard some old messages that until now lurked in the unconscious. These messages included questions about me not deserving what I want and about me not being enough. They came into my awareness as I have been writing about what I want in my life in 2007 and a small book on love.

As I write this I find it interesting that my writing about what I want to create in my life and about love has stirred the unconscious so much. Quick limiting messages/images lately have been popping into my awareness. I may be writing about the love I have and then a thought or image arises about how I, in some way, don’t deserve love. I might have quick thought of a lost love, or of me doing something that was less then loving in my past. While writing about having prosperity and abundance I got inner messages of doubt and even anger that I was asking for what I wanted. It was like, how dare I think I have the right; don’t you know no one gets to have what they want?

I found myself asking, where do these messages come from with such an emotional charge behind them? I have felt unsettling by the realization that these unconscious parts of me are still shaping the results in my life.

What I understand without feeling blame is that these limiting messages come from my interpretations of life as I grew up. There were also limited beliefs past on to me by others as if they were real and valid. As I became an adult I began to explore and question the ways I wanted to look at life. That exploration continues today. I have come to realize that through my thinking, feeling and interpretation of the world I shape my experience of it. I create my own reality. If my life isn’t working out they way I want it to, then I look at how am I getting in the way. What I see is I have more to explore in my unconscious. I need to shed more light on how somewhere inside I limit myself. I suspect this may be a life long process?

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Were you raised with limiting messages? Are you run by old beliefs that need to be questioned? Are there unconscious parts of you in control and keeping you from creating the life you desire? Asking these questions and many more are very helpful.

You can create the life you want. Get clear how that life would look and feel to you. Have the intention to make this ideal life reality for you. Take the step necessary to make it happen. Then watch for the results. There is no such thing as failure, there is just feedback as to how things are going. If you are not creating the results you desire then tune in and listen to your inner messages. The more you listen and explore the more the unconscious becomes conscious. When you have awarenss then you can make other choices. You can change the limits into possibilities and one day you will find yourself living just the life you always wanted.