Soul Walk

The morning walk on the now mostly snow free path brought a lot of clarity. I had a talk with my soul. I understand the soul to be the part of me that was there before I was born and will continue after I die. The soul is my life force. My soul, like everyone else’s, is a silent guidance system
that orchestrates the unfolding of my life. I call it my master planner. This inner planner decides the best opportunities for my fullest expression. In other words, the soul understands me and guides me towards fulfilling my purpose and potential. The soul has, what can best be described as, an imprinted plan for this life. I can alter this plan by awareness and choice along the way. And my talk this morning was exactly about that.

What I had noticed was there has been a part of me getting in my way, that was impeding my progress. This self-limiting part was old programming I picked up on the way to adulthood. Over the years I have been aware of this pattern but felt I was making good progress. On the walk today I saw very clearly it was time to change that pattern once and for all. The old ways of doubting my deserving and feeling like I am not enough are simply conditioned beliefs. I am changing those beliefs to reflect the insight and understanding I now have. I do deserve. I am enough. I have further purpose in this life and my deserving and being enough will make it much easier to realize. So my soul and I agreed it was time to make an adjustment in the plan and it was done.

When was the last time you had a talk with your soul? Are you aware of your master plan? Would you like to understand more about your soul and the plan for you? Here’s a way that you might I find helpful. Find some time to be alone and quiet. Open a notebook and ask the soul to dialogue with you. You can start by requesting the soul to tell you something about who it is. Be willing to sit quietly for a while. When the response comes write it down and then begin a dialogue. You may find the dialogue goes so fast that writing gets in the way. You can stop the writing if you find that more helpful and just carry on the conversation. You can tell it is your soul because you feel energized and uplifted. (A note of caution: the ego may tried to slip in sometimes and act like your higher knowing but the feeling is more serious and fearful.) Take the time to fully explore you deeper questions and make changes when necessary in the plan. This exploration with the soul will be enlightening.

I hope you found this helpful. Post a comment if you have questions or things to share.