The Guiding Force In You

I have been on this quest lately to understand what is the guiding force inside of me. Here are some of the terms that I have been playing with: higher self, soul, consciousness, conscience, inner wisdom, intuitive knowing, collective consciousness, and divine source. What I am beginning to understand is that there are at least two major forces in my decision-making. The one force is social conditioning, which is a collection of all that “does and don’ts” I have learned in my lifetime through my family, school, church and other influences. This I will call conscience. Conscience is learned. The second force is one that comes with my soul, my connection to the creative force that is source of the universe. This I will call consciousness. Consciousness is discovered by listening inward to what is the highest truth. Here are several examples of the difference between conscience and consciousness: on a consciousness level I feel killing another living being is wrong; on a conscience level killing is ok in war because we have been told it is. Another example is on a consciousness level being truthful is what is right; on a conscience level not speaking truthfully is okayed by certain social conditions. The higher truth in both of these examples is clear.

What guides you? Do you have a way of knowing your higher truth? Is your conscience all the guide you need? Is there a higher knowing then what you learned growing up? The learning process of, what to do and not to do, comes from our culture our social structure. In other cultures and social structures there are different rules of right and wrong. So which is right?

I propose that through consciousness you and I can find the higher wisdom and truth. This is mostly an internal process that can be enhanced through discussion with others seeking to be conscious, awake and aware. Ultimately, though, it comes down to you own inner sense of truth. An interesting thing happens when you are playing at this level of exploration. You begin to see that your internal search expands way beyond you. You will see that you are more then your personality, body and emotions. If fact you are the micro of the macro. Your inner truth is part of the inner truth of all conscious beings. This place of connection with the infinite wisdom of all of life is very expansive and inclusive.

Take a few moments each day to imagine tapping into the infinite wisdom inside of you. Allow the feeling of connection to expand until you feel the guidance of this knowing leading you through life. Then you will be a positive force for change in the world.