Open To Inspiration

In my dreams last night I had a visit with Deepak Chopra. He has been on my mind lately after reading his book, Power, Grace and Freedom. I talked with him as if we were friends and I was quite impressed by his warmth and the sense that this person understands, as much as anyone ever has, about the highest realms of human expression. In my waking state I feel touched by the depth and compassion that was exchanged in the dream realm. In this moment as I write this, I feel the energy of that dream conversation and I feel filled with questions. Who am I in my dream state? Can I have these conversations in that state and awaken more in my life? What are the possibilities here? Hum?

I also attended a talk last night by Gangaji, a woman who has had many profound insights into who we humans are beyond out bodies, thoughts and feelings. Her perspective on life and human nature is simply expansive and very affirming. She see all of us as unlimited beings of love, joy and consciousness. She acknowledges that life has its challenges and struggles but that doesn’t diminish in any way the light and wisdom we have inside of us. She invites everyone to practice self-inquiry to explore who we are free of our conditioning and beliefs. She spread her joy and compassion throughout the dialogue with those who attended.

I feel like I am rambling some today because I sense I am in the process of integrating the ideas and viewpoints I picked up from Gangaji and Deepak last night. I have come to understand that I love to be inspired by expansive ideas. I feel very energized. These ideas will take some time to settle in as I explore how I understand and experience them. There is an understanding that takes place beyond the thinking process. This understanding is difficult to explain except that it feels like a knowing of my higher self, of the part of me beyond the ego and personality. Does that make sense to you?

Are you open to inspiration and a deeper understanding? What inspires you to expand beyond your normal thinking and doing?