Story of a Journey

I want to tell you a story. There was this young man who went out into the world seeking understanding. Along the way he had many interesting experiences some fun and some not so fun. He learned that his mind shaped his experiences. This was helpful to know because he could look at things from different viewpoints. He moved and lived in different places, worked a variety of jobs and found out that wherever he went and whatever he did, he was there. All the parts of him that were unsettled or struggling moved with him. With this insight he decided it was time to spend more focus on his inner workings.

He learned to listen to the still small voice inside. He found that he could be more aware so he watched himself and his ways with others. When he didn’t judge he saw things more clearly. He grew to be a listener. Insight came more frequently. Inner peace visited more often. He ventured into the world of creativity and blossomed like a spring tree. Living along the ocean, in the mountains, among people or by himself he found things to appreciate wherever he went.

He discovered that love was important, both to give love and receive love. Finding love was a journey and when he learned to love himself he found love that was a deep and endless river. With love around he found he could go deeper into the world of wisdom beyond the mind. There he found himself expanding and realized that he was not in the world; instead the world was inside of him. Like a rain drop falling into the ocean, he was both the drop and the entire ocean at the same time. Then everything he ever wanted was his, he smiled and was free.

Do you have story to tell? Please share.