Soul Update and Topic Explored

This morning the birds providing me with a beautiful choir as I did my morning walk. I enjoy walking quietly as I tune into my inner guidance for the day. As I walked I often think about what I am going to write about. Today it was different because I needed to have a follow up chat with my soul. It seems we had miscommunicated in some way and that the talk we had last week had not resulted in the inner reprogramming discussed. That was unacceptable so the conversation was revisited and I made my point more clearly. I feel better now because I know the results I am seeking will happen.


So that left me with the need to explore a topic as I write this and I came to the visit we had with some new friends. The past several days we had some very interesting conversations. We spent time talking about a variety of topics including religion and politics. Now I know these can be loaded topics but that was ok because there was real mutual respect, no judgment and an interest in hearing each other’s perspectives. This open atmosphere created a very lively and enjoyable exchange that the four of us appreciated.

It is my belief that there is much more in common with all of us humans then there are differences. Even in politics and religion, there is more common ground then most would realize. The differences are too emphasized and the common ground rarely explored. In my years of counseling and coaching I have had the privilege of working very deeply with others, exploring their values, hopes and dreams. What I learned in this work was that everybody wants to create a good life for themselves and those they care about. Everyone has values of right and wrong. We all have a purpose in life that we are drawn to realize. There is a universal belief in the goodness of love, kindness and compassionate acts. Each of us wants to have the prosperity we need to make sure we can eat, have a roof over our heads and have the essential things if life. We all want to spend our days in ways that feel meaningful in some way. Having fun, relaxing and celebrating life is valued by most everyone. Opportunities for education and life long learning are important to most everyone. We all have hopes and dreams for the future.

The world is an amazing place filled with millions of people a lot like us. If we can sit down and talk, we can work out how to be mutually supportive to each other so that we can all have the life we want. This would not be difficult to do. The problems of the world can all be solved, by us getting together and helping each other meet our needs and pursue our dreams.

Are you willing to work out your differences by talking and listening and giving support to others? Could we together end much of the world’s problems by doing the same?