Creating the Results You Want

Monday morning is an interesting time of the week. After a busy fun weekend, I have to return my focused to the projects I am working on. This refocusing comes much easier as I create the life I want. I use to dread Mondays. Now that has changed to enthusiasm as I get back to work on my writing, our peace project, and several other promising ventures. There is still some work stuff I do that is not fully aligned with my purpose but that is transitioning as I up my intensity on my mission. What I appreciate most is as I get clearer and more focused the results reflect that. As I raise my energy and my vibrations in pursuit of what I am here to do, I create the results I want. I keep going with determination and purpose trusting I can make wonderful things happen. With a clear vision of where I am going; focus on how I will create the results; and a powerful determination, I will achieve the realization of my highest goals.

Ordinary people like you and me can change the world. If you can clearly see where you are going, if you have a plan to get there and the discipline and follow through to make it happen, then you will achieve it. It is very reaffirming to see our dreams come into reality.

What is it in the next week, month or year that you want to make a reality in your life? If you can dream big, what new improved reality would you like to see in the world? Take some time over the next few days and think about what positive results do you want to create in your life and in the world. Start with something simple in your life. Maybe you want to have more peace of mind so you set out to learn mediation. You decide you want to have more income so you set up a better savings and investment plan. In a short time you will see benefits from these two new efforts. Slowly or maybe even quickly, you will get good at having a goal and bringing about positive results. The more positive results you create the more confidence you will gain in your ability to make things happen.

Now you are ready to take on the world. With confidence you can set your bar higher and begin to soar more easily toward the outcomes you have set for yourself. Imagine for a moment that you want to bring about peace in the world. You build a team of like-minded people with the skills you need and you go about establishing a vision for this project. Next you create a plan to make the peace project a reality. Then with determination, follow through and a peaceful mind you make the project a powerful success. Now you can enjoy and celebrate this success and the difference you have made in the world. Can you see it, feel it, plan it, act on it and celebrate it. Ok make it happen.

3 Step Plan for Success
1. Get clear what you want to create, feel it, see it and intend it
2. Set up a plan: having the support of others works best
3. Take action, follow through, keep open to make course corrections and prepare to celebrate the results.

Let me know how it goes.