Finding Your Own Spirit

The cold crisp air refreshed my mind and woke me up for the day. I needed awakening to get clearer so I could sit down and write. In my last two posts I have been talking about Spirit. The reason I have been exploring this topic is because there seems to be a truly longing for a spiritual quality to life. Just go the bookstores and look at all the hundreds of books that address that topic. I turn to a higher knowing as a way to make sense out of life. I keep on coming back to the idea there is a greater intelligence out there that is the source of the wonderful creations of nature and the universe. I can’t imagine a human form as that source of all of creations. I can see that whatever the source is it is part of do each of us.

The idea I was raised with of a heaven up there was a nice story. This story was used to shape “good” behavior if I wanted to get to heaven. But really, it seems we create heaven or hell right here in this life. I have a difficult time imagining some Being watching over us in constant judgment deciding whether we get eternity in the clouds or an endless roasting in some bad place. Now if you want some images of heaven and hell realms check out the movie, What Dreams May Come. The human imagination is so amazing isn’t it? This heaven or hell thing seems more like a myth used to influence behavior but who knows for sure?

So where do we go from here. First we need to examine our beliefs and find out what our truths are. This process of exploring these truths is life long. As we understand what is right for us, we attempt to live according to our own internal compass. There are a lot of people out there who want to tell you what to believe but that really can’t work. Our truths have to be ours. Living by our own value system is the only way we can find inner peace and a true joy.

As we touch into our deepest sense of knowing, most likely we feel in our hearts an expansion that is more inclusive of all beliefs. The need to judge and determine if things are bad or good falls away and a greater acceptance happens. This place of acceptance and love is as god-like as we get. Whatever spirit is, it is for sure love and acceptance of the amazing creations we all are. Wouldn’t you agree?

I appreciate you and who you are. I encourage you to appreciate and accept all those you know as they are. Then the world will know the Highest Force of the universe, Love.