More About Spirit and You

A gray morning mist descends upon the valley and I feel as if I have been transported someplace else. I feel pulled in and wish I could write near a warm fireplace. I have to get back to my discussion about Spirit. Thinking about this discussion I slept restlessly because of the energy in my body and mind. I use the word “Spirit” because “God” seems so highly charged. Spirit has a dual meaning for me. I have spirit as part of me. I call it my source of life, my connection to the greater source of creation in the universe. Then there the Spirit that is this Great Creative Force. I find that confusing even to me. This all inclusive Spirit is called Great Spirit by many of the native people of our continent. I like that term.

This Great Spirit is the infinite source of knowing that includes everything, creates all things and is the source of all of life. Another view of this Source is that it represents the collective wisdom and creative force of everything since the beginning. As you can imagine this is a lot of wisdom and creative force. This Source is part of you. You have access to it through your own silence, through the collective knowledge of your cells and through the particles, you are made of, that have been bouncing around since the universe was created. Whatever Spirit is, you are. You may just not recognize yourself as such yet. Are you ready to try?

There is in you and me and everyone this collective wisdom and creative force. Sit with that idea and let yourself grow into the possibilities. Open to the spirit in you. Never again argue for your limitations but turn the focus on who you are and what you can be. You have a purpose only you can live and your have the power and knowing to realize all you are here to become. That realization of your own Higher Spirit is maybe what this whole discussion is about. You and I both have so much potential in us. We need to find and explore our own relationship with the Great Creator both in us and as the source of all things. Whatever works for us to have this holy relationship, we need to make happen. Silence is a golden doorway; nature a true cathedral; questions are mind expanding; and our hearts and Spirit are one.

Journey well and let me know what you find along the way.