What Is Spirit?

There has been a lot rambling around in head about a topic that is difficult to express. I have been trying to come to terms with my sense of Spirit. I feel my spiritual life is a very personal thing. Not that it is private but more that my relationship with Spirit, God, Higher Power is only something I can have in my own way. The complicated part of this internal discussion is that I am unsure what Spirit is and if Spirit actually exists as something I can communicate with in some way.

Churches have their advantages. They have a very clear creation of images and stories they state are real. They have a book that to quote that is suppose to be the words of God. They have ministers that claim God speaks to them so they can let the followers know what is right. That provides order, rules and the correct way to look at things if you are a member.

Sometimes I wish I could just join a church and accept all the rules and beliefs and not question so much. But I can’t because I have my own moral compass; my own sense of the truth that doesn’t fit any church I have ever been too. I have a difficult time with the idea that someone else could tell me how Spirit wants me to act and be. I have to find my own way in understanding my relationship with the Source of the Universe. Without a doubt I know there is a greater source of wisdom and power in the universe then us humans. I know that there is some sort of infinite intelligence behind the magnificent creation of such beauty and vastness. I also sense that whatever that infinite creative force is, it is in me also. This force is greater then me and is part of me and all living things. How do I relate to this force? How do you understand this?

As you can see I have lots to further explore. I am very interested in your ideas. I will write more soon because I seem to be inspired to explore these questions at this point in my life.