In the Essence

I was just reading some thoughts from one of my favorite teachers Eckhart Tolle. His simple clear writing and talks always bring me to an introspective place. In this place, a question arose in me today. Who am I beyond my form and the content of my life? My body, thoughts, experiences, emotions and personality are part of the story of me but they are not me. This story seems real and important and it is to my ego. Somewhere within that story there is a deeper essence that I feel connected to when I listen quietly. This essence is a place in me in which I feel totally at home. In my essence I go beyond worry and fear and instead feel endless love, joy, peace and freedom. I also seem to leave the “I” behind and instead feel connected to everyone and everything.

This inner peace and place of expanded connection is really where I would like to live all the time. Then life gets intense and I dash into the dramas of worry and hurry leaving my centered place behind. Darn I hate when that happens. It seems way to easy to jump into the insanity of life and forgot my essence.

What do you know about your essence? Do you take time to quietly explore your inner landscape? Have you gotten acquainted with you beyond your personality and experiences?

Do yourself a big favor and plan to take some time to yourself this week. It could even be at a lunch hour, or on your drive home. Find some time when you are only with you. Listen inward and get to know your thoughts and feelings. Become aware of all that is going on inside. Then drop below the noise level and locate the stillness. This stillness is always there beyond the static of life. In the quietness be with you and feel the love and warmth there. Enjoy you at your essence because it is a beautiful place to be.

Be on notice that in this quiet the ego feels out of control so it will want to distract you. See the distractions arise and instead return to the stillness. The more you are in stillness the more will be aware and better able to extend the inner peace.

Once you become more familiar with this inner place, you will find yourself wanting to be there often. Meditation is a great practice to help you do that. Walking quietly in nature is powerful also.

Come join me in the quiet place where we are all one. Let me know how it goes. Your posted comments are greatly appreciated.