Imagine Peace

I was in a peace march this past weekend. It felt good to join with others and support peace. Lately I find my mind occupied by thoughts about peace and what it will take for us to choose peace rather then war. War represents an old paradigm existing for much of human civilization. Many argue that it will always be. I find that to be such a strange and limiting notion and that people can’t imagine a world without war. Maybe that is why it keeps happening. I want to imagine a world at peace. A world where people talk out differences and appreciate a diversity of ideas. I want to see a world where people are bigger then their problems and ego is in its place. I want to be in a world where love, compassion and consciousness are the guiding forces.

Creating a peaceful world is a great intention. Would you like to join me in doing so? Let’s you and I have, creating a world at peace, as our intention. Intentions are powerful. Together we can hold a vision of a peaceful world, filled with compassion and caring. Each day this creative visualization of peace could be reviewed in our minds and hearts. This way we can think peace, see peace and feel peace. The more people involved, the more the energy for peace would grow. Would you be willing to recruit others to share in our vision of peace?

The next step is to become peaceful inside and in your life. In addition to this vision of peace, you can also work on feeling peace inside. Peace is possible inside by quieting the critical and judging mind. Become a mind watcher and replace your inner critic with a supportive and encouraging inner voice. Stop being at war with yourself. Be present to the peaceful stillness of you inner wisdom. There is a part of you always wanting to be at peace and feeling love and joy. Go explore that part of you and leave the inner chaos in the past where it belongs. You will get better at all this with practice.

Then take this growing inner peace out into your relationships with others. When your inner critic shrinks so will your need to judge others. Try acceptance and appreciation for all those you care about. Believe me, they will appreciate that very much. So come from your heart and listen with compassion and people will want to be your friend. This is a peaceful way to be in the world and life. Does this sound too ideal? Hardly, because to be loving to yourself and others is the best way to be human.

Peace is possible if you and I just do what is natural, that is to care about each other and do what we can to live in a compassionate way. Peace can win out and forever the paradigm will shift. Then we can sit in humble satisfaction that we did our part.

Come join me today and imagine peace.

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