Peace In the Moment

I walked along the stream this morning and was aware of all the noises both natural and human made. I heard ducks, birds, a squawking peacock, traffic, dogs barking, a garbage truck, runners on the path near by and the trickle of the stream. Sounds like chaos but it wasn’t because in the midst of all of that I could find peace by being in the present moment. Yesterday I talked about imagining peace and finding our inner peace. Today I want to explore a little more about inner peace. Inner peace comes from quieting the mind as I mentioned yesterday. Another way of inner peace is by being present in each moment.

In this present moment awareness there is just being with what is. As the writer Scott Morrison puts it (see the Another Viewpoint section) everything happens in the now. Only in the moment can you feel love and joy, experience freedom, know your truth or be at peace. Now is really all there is and when you learn to be in the now you open yourself to everything you could want, need or desire. Being in the now makes it possible to create the life you want moment by moment. True inner peace comes from knowing you have the capacity and pathway to creating your life. In the moment you understand you do.

Living in each moment is very liberating for your heart. When present you can feel love for yourself and for those you care about. There is no past love or future love. There is only love now. Feel the glow of your open heart in each moment and you will truly know deep peace.

Your mind also appreciates the moment. When now, the mind can experience the richness of possibilities and the inner still voice of knowing. When in the past or future the mind is filled with the stuff of memory or desire that takes you from the now. The past may have pleasant memories and can feel good but living there doesn’t work. The future provides time to dream and to plan but dreams or plans come true only in the now. Inner peace is having the mind in the now.

Your spirit loves the now. You can be still or soar in the now. Your creativity is present only in the moment. You potential awaits expression in the present. You feel most alive in this instant then any other time. This now is where you can feel the always present peace of your spirit.

Let your heart, mind and spirit know peace and be at peace by living each moment as fully as you can. Then the world will know peace one person at a time, one moment at a time.