On a Path With Heart - Part III

When I was a young adult Carlos Castaneda was one of my favorites to read because he helped me think outside the box. There was one particular idea that I got from him that I will always carry with me. He said the way to know if where you are going is right for you is to ask yourself this simple question, “Does this path have heart?” That question has been and still is a powerful one for me. When I am about to set off on a new direction in life I need to explore if there is heart in it for me or not? If there is then I can go fully forward on that path, if not then I choose another way. Jack Kornfield an inspirational Buddhist writer wrote a wonderful book called A Path With Heart about using your heart as a guide to creating an expansive life. The Buddhist concept of loving-kindness is worth exploring for a deeper understanding of the power of the heart in life. There are many resources out there to explore and inspire a path with heart. Here are some qualities of the heart worth looking into.

The qualities of a path with heart that you want to carry with you include the following:
• The courage to face the challenges of life
• The compassion to feel for others
• The kindness to reach out and care
• The determination to succeed no matter what
• The understanding of a knowing heart
• The joy of living from love
These are great guiding forces available to you when following the call of heart. Let them guide you to your highest expressions of who you want to be.

How do you obtain these qualities you might ask? They are already in you. All you need to do is remind yourself and step into the “unified heart field.“ This field is the place where all hearts are joined together in the knowing space of compassion, unity, love and joy. You have tapped into that field before. Remember when you felt connected to everything and in this state of expansive and all inclusive love. If you don’t remember that state then it is time to remember. If you do remember then join us as we go there now.

Get comfortable in a quiet place and enter into your heart. Feel the heart and the love in waiting. Then imagine connecting your heart to someone you love and let the flow start. Then expand the love’s flow to all those you care about. Take time to do this until you feel a wonderful flow happening. Now take this flow of love and love all beings on the planet. Open now to the love flow of all beings flowing through you. Imagine the interchange of love flowing through all living beings. This is the unified heart field. Stay with this feeling until you feel totally connected to all beings. When you feel and experience this unity of love you will know that you are always connected to every living thing.

I invite you to live form your heart each moment of each day. The path of the enlightened heart will bring out the best in you and those you touch. Live it with passion and joy.

Let me know how this goes and know you are joined with me and all others in the field of love. I will meet you there.