Effort or Acceptance

One of the influential teachers of the 20th Century about how to live life was J. Krishnamurti. When he was born many thought he was a very special soul and he was raised and educated by a group of people who felt the need to oversee his development. When he became an adult he rejected the ways of his training and went to find his own truth. After years of seeking he became a teacher of life and in essence proved to be a special person indeed.

I came upon an idea of his and I found it relevant for today. He believed “effort” was a distraction from what is. He said, “The moment I accept ‘what is’ there is no struggle.” Does that sound right to you, it sure does to me? How much time do you spend in trying to change things because they are not the way you want them? How much effort and time goes into changing “what is” into something it is not? It seems you and I have been well trained in not being ok with what is and instead spend much of our lives trying to fix things.

This struggle to control and change the world may need to be more closely examined. I know I am fully caught up in the idea that I need to change myself and others so we can be better in some way? This need for improvement may mean that at some level I am unable to accept myself and others as we are. What would it be like if instead of trying to modify and change everything, I was able to look at and accept everything as it is, free of judging it as right or wrong? I suspect if I was freed up of this effort to change then I could just accept what is and that would transform completely my view of the world. Think how much energy would be freed up.

I am going to do an experiment and find out what happens. I will try a radical acceptance of what is, be with it and not judge. I will be in awareness and drop the effort. Fear instantly comes up as I write about this experiment and I think well what about this or that, it needs to be different. The need to change something may make it a more powerful force of resistance? If I am ok with what is, then I can just be and not use so much energy to make things different?

It doesn’t mean the questioning stops and the action ends. Instead questions become awareness and consciousness and action happens from a place of acceptance. This allows any necessary transformation to take place from a higher knowing free of the struggle to make things as I/you/ego think they should be.

Well on with the experiment, want to join? Ready to give up the struggle and free your energy for other things like love, joy and peace?

“So, effort is non-awareness. . . So, awareness is non-effort”    k_smilling-1.jpg
J. Krishna