The Heart Of Responsibility - Part II

I hope you find this topic of responsibility helpful. When I was younger, I thought responsibility was some kind of obligation and something you had to do. Over the years my awareness has expanded and I now have a deep respect for the power of responsibility in my life. I see that I create my experience of life. If things are going well then I am responsible for that and if they are not it is time to look at what I can do to bring about the results I desire.

The heart is a key part of being responsible in your life. It is the heart that has the courage to take responsibility. It is the heart that has the passion to drive you to the results because of your respond-ability. When you live with purpose you are saying, “I take what I have been given to do and respond with all I got.” That is the way of the response full heart.

The next step to talk about here is how you can live in a responsible way in a world that needs all you have to give. Don Juan Matus the shaman teacher of Carlos Castaneda used the word impeccable. Impeccable means showing up and doing your best in everything you do. That is the way of responsibility. Now days there is a sincere need for you to be impeccable in what you do and responsible for how you are in the world. You and I at our best using our greatest abilities to respond are essential for the health and evolution of the planet.

If we don’t speak for the planet, who will? If we don’t work for peace, who will? If you don’t take action to end hunger and help reduce suffering, who will? If we don’t have compassion and caring for our fellow inhabitants of earth, who will? If we don’t stand up to greed, power, and fear, who will?

Try this: make a commitment to stop blaming and complaining. It is time to get off the couch and step into your power. Now turn inward to your heart, mind and soul and say, “I take full responsibility for my life and for who I am here to become. I will settle for no less then the best I have to offer.”

There is a lot of responsibility needed. Are you willing to join me and become fully responsible for your life, for your part in your community, country and on the planet? Now more then ever, you and I are needed at full power, full consciousness and fully able to respond with the best in each of us. Be responsibility with all your heart.