Saturday Opportunity for Insight

The following is from the book 365 Nirvana, Here and Now.
This lesson is from Francis Lucille a teacher of consciousness who I had the good fortune to hear in person in Santa Barbara.

Q: I had brief glimpses of this realm in moments of stillness. Then I go to work and find myself in an environment, which is neither royal nor peaceful and my serenity immediately disappears. How can I keep my equanimity permanently?

A: Everything that appears in awareness is nothing other than awareness: co-workers; clients; supervisors; absolutely everything, including the premises, the furniture and the equipment. First understand this intellectually, then verify that this is so. There comes a moment where this feeling of intimacy, this benevolent space around you no longer goes away; you find yourself at home everywhere, even in the packed waiting room of a train station. You only leave it when you go into the past or the future. Don’t stay in a hovel. This immensity awaits you right here, at this very moment. Being already acquainted with its presence, and once having tasted the harmony underlying appearance, let the perceptions of the external world and your body sensations unfold freely in your welcoming awareness, until the moment that the background of plenitude reveals itself spontaneously.

“Peace has nothing to do with where you are and everything to do with how you see where you are.” Josh Baran