Appreciation and Awareness

The weather finally seems to be warming up around here. Yesterday I went hiking up in the mountains near my home and very much enjoyed the smells of the forest and all the blooms. The day was clear and I had great views of Boulder and the surrounding area. There is something so wonderful about being out in nature and appreciating all the beauty that is part of living here. I feel very fortunate. It is easy to feel good when there is so much to appreciate.

I am grateful to live here and to be able to walk in the natural wonder of this place. I am grateful because my life is full of love and good friends. I feel gratitude for the inspiration I feel and the energy and good health I have. I am thankful for each breath and the opportunities each day brings. I appreciate the flow of income I have and the new possibilities I am exploring. There is so much to be grateful for and when I do appreciate life and what it offers then I feel happy and at peace.

It is easy to forget all the positive things going on and instead focus on what isn’t the way I like it to be. That feels like my ego focusing on what is wrong and wanting something different. I was just having a little battle in my head this morning feeling like something wasn’t the way I had hoped. This faulty thinking was tainting my morning walk. It wasn’t until I started writing that I could see what was going on. The insight now is, when I find myself in that stirred up state of discontent, I need to bring myself into the moment and appreciate what is. That seems obvious to me now but a few minutes ago I was stuck in disappointment. How quickly my thoughts and feelings can change from discontent to happy, from disappointment to appreciation if I simply enjoy the moment and all it has to offer.

Can you identify with this battle of the mind? Are you aware of your mind taking you to unproductive, limiting and negative places? Do you notice when your mind is open, appreciative and inspired to see the reality of beauty and wonder of life?

Let’s make a practice of being aware this week and see what you and I can discover about the way we look at the moment to moment unfolding of our days. Start in the morning with the intention to be aware of your thoughts and how they shape your experience. As the day progresses make sure to keep coming back to the awareness of your thoughts. At the end of the day see what you have learned about the power of your mind to shape your experience. Keep in as much awareness as you can this week and let me know how it goes. I will be exploring also and share as I go.

On my Saturday post I quoted Francis Lucille about how awareness shapes our experience. Check that out because there is real insight in what he has to say.

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