Insight and Awareness

This week I am writing about awareness. Yesterday I put the light on appreciation and gratitude as important ways to be in awareness. Just to take a few minutes a day in appreciation helps me focus on all that I have to be grateful for and that feels like a very positive thing to do. Now I want to talk a little more about the process of awareness and why it is so powerful.

Awareness means to be awake and aware. When you are aware, you act from a place of knowing what is in the present moment. Awareness is only possible in the moment. You can have awareness about the past but that can only happen in the now. Awareness happens both inside and around you. You can be aware of how you are feeling. You can be aware of the feelings of others. You can be aware of thoughts you have, body reactions, the call of purpose within you and the need to have a relationship with your soul. You can be aware of the rhythm of the sun, the seasons, the urges for food, lovemaking and rest. In each moment there is opportunity to be aware of many thing at many levels. The more you are aware, the more you can act and be in alignment with what is; you can step into the flow of life more easily and effortlessly. This living in awareness assists you to powerfully create the life you want in harmony with the world around you.

Insight is awareness. When you gain insight about your feelings, how you are with them changes. When you gain insight into you inner dialogue, you modify or enhance your self-talk. When you have insight about situations you are in, then those situations look different and you are better able to respond successfully. Insight and awareness enrich your life because you are more fully present to all that is.

Here is another experiment to explore. Yesterday the goal was to be aware of your thoughts as the day progressed. Today you are going to add your feelings. Now you take time throughout your day to be aware of your thoughts and your feelings. Most feelings are created by thoughts so exploring both will give you many opportunity to be aware of how you create your reactions to the world.

Thoughts = feelings = your reaction/response to yourself and the world.

With awareness you empower yourself to come from a strength of knowing. Try these ideas out and see how much more you can direct your life to create the results you desire.

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