Obstacles and Assets

There is a real advantage to being aware. I have over my life benefited immensely from my awareness. I have used awareness to discover the barriers to my success and to explore my strengths and assets. I have through insight been able to stop falling into the same potholes of life and instead move on to bigger and better potholes. Actually these potholes are challenges and I am more able with awareness to take on the bigger challenges of life and succeed. I use my assets, which I continue to explore and become more aware of, to create the life I want.

This awareness advantage allows you to discover what your obstacle and assets are and from there manifest what you want in life. If you have obstacle to success, to love, to prosperity, to peace of mind or whatever you want; with awareness you can overcome those obstacles. Here are some examples of moving past barriers with awareness.

If you want a loving relationship but that isn’t happening then you have obstacles. Your obstacle could be a closed heart; it could be memories, ideas or limiting beliefs from growing up; it could be that you never go any place where you could meet people. If you put the light of awareness on any of your blocks you will see something you need to change.

Awareness = Choice = Change

Another example might be that you want more money flowing in your life. The obstacles to that flow could include: feelings of not deserving and low self-worth; you could have an underlying faulty belief that money is bad and you don’t want to have what is bad; you could still be searching for what is meaningful and purposeful work. When you get the necessary insights, you will have the answers for opening the flow of prosperity.

With awareness you can move past whatever is in your way and move to having what you want.

Now let’s look at the awareness of you assets. When you know and understand what you do well, then you have more power to bring about the results you want. What do you do well? What gives you energy? What feels right to you when you do it? This information is very helpful because then you know what you do best and feel good about it. If you don’t know your assets then it is time to bring your awareness to discovering what they are. Here are some more good questions for asset assessment. Take out a piece of paper and answer them as fully as you can.

1. What do you like to do (write down everything even if it seems silly or questionable in reality)?
2. What activities give you energy, make you feel alive and are fun?
3. List 10 or more things you do well and enjoy doing them?
4. What is you purpose in this life? What is your personal mission?
5. What comes easy for you? Like math, language, design, research, listening, building relationships, etc.
6. What path of life has heart in it for you?

There are more questions to be asked but these should get you going toward more awareness. Once you have ideas of your strengths, skills and assets then you can grow and build on them. To add further awareness be willing to ask others for feedback about what you do well. Others can sometimes see your assets better then you do.

Awareness of your obstacles and assets will greatly enrich your life. Take the time to make a positive difference for you by knowing who you are as fully as possible. You will be glad you did because the results will be very beneficial.

Einstein said something like this, “You can never solve a problem from the same level of awareness that created it.”

Let me know what you are discovering.