Is The Secret Really A Secret

The movie The Secret, which has now been seen by millions, has stirred up quite a discussion. The principles, that make up this movie about the law of attraction, have actually been around for a long time. What makes this movie interesting is that it presents these ideas in a way that is informative and inspirational. That makes the movie worth seeing.

I have been studying and exploring these principles for many years. I have had a variety of results, most of which support the law of attraction as being worth exploring. Where I have not created the results I wanted, there has been opportunity for me to become aware of my own barriers. I have to admit finding some old inner messages about “not deserving and not being good enough to have what I want”. These inner messages come from faulty thinking that I picked up early on in life. I have since explored these self-limiting messages and have made progress. Still inside of me there continues to be parts of me that I am yet conscious of that still get in my way.

These parts are too often misinterpretations I made as a small child. As a child I had inadequate information to make such life determining decisions. These thoughts however continue until some light is shed on them and they can be examined and new choices can be made. With awareness I am empowered to make healthy choices and better shape my life.

The Secret is about awareness, about choice, about how we think about things and about being in the present. Much of The Secret is about getting out of our own way. Unfortunately many of us are better at limiting ourselves then we are at setting ourselves free. The Secret is about freeing ourselves to be the possibilities and potential we are.

I encourage everyone to be open to the ideas of this not so secret, The Secret. Through our openness and awareness of the laws of attraction we can begin to create the results we have always wanted. Let The Secret and all its ideas penetrate deeply into who you are and enjoy the realization of your highest expression.

Let me know of your experience of The Secret. I hope today proves you are open to the law of attraction.