The Ing World May Be Taking Over

This hurry world seems to just go and go. I find that I need to take breaks regularly from this speedy world. Today my break is lightening-up and playing with some words and seeing where it goes. By the way, creativity is a great way to step out of the hyper world and enter the enjoyable moment

Lately I have come upon a number of interesting “ing” words. Four that keep coming up are ning, ping, ding and bling-bling. I don’t know who invents these words but do, they need a patent lawyer to keep the ownership? Probably not, which means I can invent some as I go, that could be fun. Anyway back to these words, ning is a word that is used for social networks on the web. I am active in a ning called Waging Peace. Social networks offer people space on the internet to talk about things and ideas. I find talking through my fingers much different then face to face. There is more time to be thoughtful and introspective. That is a plus but the heart plays a secondary role in most of these conversations. I am working at having more heart and more soul in my writing.

Then there is ping, which is what I am suppose to do after I post a new journal entry. Pinging is when you alert different tech posting sites. I may not be stating this correctly but I do understand it is a good thing to get visitors to my site. Having readers is really good and the more the merrier. Now at first I was excited about pinging because I enjoy ping-pong but then I realized they weren’t related so I couldn’t have as much fun pinging as I could ping-ponging. Darn!

The word ding has a less pleasant reaction in me. Ding is when banks charge you all there special little fees if you do something they can ding you about. This is an odd behavior because it is all about punishing you in the name of profit. Kind of an S&M thing, you pay for it and they are happy to punish you? Credit card companies are the biggest dingers and they seem able to ding as much and as often as they want? That seems jaded doesn’t it?

Bling-bling is not something I worry about but women have lots of opinions. Bling-bling is how much sparkle and glitz is attached to things. Sometimes bling-bling done right works but done wrong is a big booboo. If you go to the mall there are shops full of bling-bling. Maybe that’s to counter balance all the sports hats, jerseys etc in places like Dick’s Sporting Goods. Can you really think of a more manly sporting goods store name then Dicks?

I wanted to add ming to the mix. There was the Ming dynasty which is fun to check out in Asian art displays; then there is Yao Ming who plays in the NBA and is really tall like a rocket and plays for the Houston Rockets. If you enjoy basketball Mr Ming is a treat to watch. I wonder if he likes Asian art? If you want some fun go to and play the “Chinese Backstreet Boys” wearing Yao’ Ming’s jersey singing away. Looks like a new Ming dynasty is on the way.

Well I hope you had a chuckle or at least survived my ramblings. Oh by the way laughter is the best medicine and I hope you have a great laugh at least sometime today.