Inspired Living

I was working on building traffic to my blog as I do most nights and came upon this contest. It was 10:45 at night and the contest ended that night so I asked myself, can I quickly write my top five tips about something? I grabbed a pen and a sticky note and three “C” words came instantly and I was inspired to write the five “C’s” to success. In a few minutes I had the five “C’s” figure out and then the inspiration started flow effortlessly and 15 minutes later I had, The Cookin 5 C’s For Success (see below). I was so excited to see what happens if I just get out of the way and let inspiration flow through me.

I thought I would write today about how to be more open to inspiration and what barriers may be in your way. First, and to me most important, is to realize that in you and I there is a source of inspiration that is absolutely unlimited. This source of inspiration goes by a variety of names: intuition, inner wisdom, collective consciousness, the quiet stillness, unity with the Divine, Higher Self, Infinite Mind, God within and others. You and I have that infinite source available to us at all times. All we have to do is quiet ourselves, open up and be receptive and the inspiration will be there.

I find it very helpful to trust in the flow of inspiration. With practice I have learned to totally trust I will be inspired. I have often written, given talks and painted counting on the flow to show. I have stood in front of large audiences with a 5 to 10 word outline and simply let inspiration flow through my mouth. I often write my blogs totally from the inspiration with no plan even about what I am going to write about. I am amazed at what comes out and find myself guided by my own words. Staring at a blank canvas I pick a color and then let inspiration work it’s magic through my hands. All this is good practice and has taught me great trust in the Infinite Source of inspiration.

This flow of inner wisdom and inspiration is the source of all creativity in the world. Look around and take a moment to appreciate all that creativity and innovation has brought to your life.

A quiet mind, an open heart, a calm body and a relationship with your own spirit are the best ways to live in inspiration. Taking time in silence, being open in your heart and body and communicating with your higher Self will allow you to be in touch with the infinite in you.

Here are a few barriers to be aware of when trying to live in inspiration. Self-doubt is when you don’t believe in yourself and the inner knowing that is trying to guide and inspire you. Another barrier is the rational mind, which says, “that doesn’t make sense.” The rational mind is full of conditioning and habit, the gut and heart are more instinctual and spontaneous. A third barrier is the need for approval. When you and I are seeking approval we too often do what we think will be most acceptable. This means the inspiration takes a back seat to what makes sense and will look the best socially. There is much more I can write here but I would rather just invite you to be aware of what blocks your inspiration.

I invite you to explore the flow of inspiration in your life. Take that exploration and see how much you can allow and welcome into your life. Inspiration will make even the most boring job sparkle with possibilities; it will awaken the sleeping hearts in a relationship; it will give you the ideas you need to create the life you want; and so much more.

Join me and let’s live a life inspired to greatness.