A Call to Your Greatness

I hope you were inspired by my blog yesterday. I wanted to remind you that you are an amazing human being. Carl Sagan use to say that you and I are made up of the same stuff as stars. The great spiritual teachings all say we are made in the likeness of the Divine. There is in you the collective wisdom of the universe. At a particle level you are constructed of the same atoms that were in Rumi, Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Mohammad, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Lao Tse, and all other wise and great human beings. Your brain alone functions better then the best supercomputers. The immune system you were given is able to combat all manners of possible illness and you remain healthy. There has never been found a limit to your and any other human’s creativity. The world is getting more and more connected and we are right at an incredible time in history. Soon if things go well we will all realize that we are one big family and peace will become possible, all hunger will end and everyone will have the possibility for a good life. This is all ready to happen and you are uniquely qualified to make a real difference in the world.

I get excited as I write this because I know in my cells and the consciousness that flows through me that we are all on the brink of something so rich with possibilities. We can evolve past the violence, the need to control, the greed, the blind faith, the ignorance of radicalism, the hunger for power, the arrogance, the need to be right and others wrong, the damaging of the earth, air and water, the self-serving leadership, the cold hearted corporate mentality, the trance like sleep walk through life, and what ever other limits we have fallen into at this moment in time. Yes in you and I is the inspiration: to be more understanding; to have genuine compassion for each other and all living things; to want the best for this generation and those that follow; to generate leadership with true authenticity, a caring heart and genuine wisdom; to realize that across the planet we are all connected at the levels of basic needs, hopes and desires; to know that true justice is for all people; to grow our hearts into fountains of kindness and love for all that share the planet; to create and innovate solutions to all our pressing problems; to have government and all corporations work for the good of all; and to heal the social ills so that all can live in peace and harmony.

Are you with me on this? What is your mission, your purpose? Have you a plan to make it happen? What kind of help do you need to move to action? Who can you get to team with you for success? Your vision is an essential part of the masterpiece of humankind. It is time to take out your paint brush and put a swash of your colors across humanity; it is your time to sing your notes in the choir of human realization. Can you feel your particles start to dance and your cells swish about in the fluidity of your oceanic reality (you know, made up of mostly water like the planet)? Can you sense the potential lining up as you head for a new and more expansive expression? Can you feel the rising tide of consciousness as it brightens your light and washes across all human knowing?

Today take at least one single step toward your mission. Let nothing distract that moment. With intention and focus, the universe will be put on full alert to line up in support of what you are doing. We, all in our hearts, are cheering you on.

Go in peace and purpose.