A Soulful Conversation

This will be a very interesting week. I will be attending the World Peace Conference in Sante Fe, New Mexico. We are bringing our positive messages for peace t-shirts and the desire to connect with other people working for peace. I am looking forward to a new experience and to the possibilities that will come from that. This will be my first peace conference even though I have been involved in the peace effort for many years. Such a concentration of like-minded people will be really exciting to me. I find new adventures so stimulating and expansive.

Speaking of expansive, I was having a talk with my soul this morning. I have this thought/belief that we come into this life with a plan or kind of blueprint on a soul level. We come here with this plan on how we can use this life to expand ourselves in heart, mind and spirit through the life experiences we will have. Ram Dass, a favorite teacher of mine, says we predetermine the circumstance of our life so we can maximize our growth. This is an interesting thought and would put the responsibility of how our life is on fully on us. Does this make sense to you?

The conversation this morning was about some adjustments I wanted to make to the original plan. As I write this, I was thinking do I really have the right to make adjustments to my life plan. Yes I sense I do, it is my life after all. I feel that as long as I am aware of what I am doing, I can consciously alter the lesson plan. Do you think it is possible to alter the course of your life on a soul level?

The conversation was about a struggle in me, that seemed to be entrenched, no matter how much awareness or insight I had. This struggle feels like a roadblock that makes no sense. This kind of block seemed more at a soul level. I feel like the learning from that struggle has been completed and it was time to for a shift. I requested the alteration of the plan to more clearly line with the purposeful work I am involved with. I got a clear feeling that this particular area of struggle was going to be removed because it was time to move on. Time will answer that for me.

I am sharing this because at a very deep level you have a plan for your life and you have many choices along the way. With awareness you can feel that plan in action and you can choose to alter it if you feel it is for your greater good. This all may seem a bit unusual to you? If so have a conversation with your soul about the way your life is unfolding. If you find yourself wanting to make some adjustments, then do so and request the soul support the changes.

In consciousness you and I have a great capacity to create the life we know we are here to live. Take time to tune in at a deep level and find out how things are going. Be the director of your life drama in a way that supports your highest expression.

Let me know what you discover in this soulful conversation and I will keep you updated on my progress. Life is meant to have your cake and eat it too or why would there be cake?

I will keep you updated also on the happenings from the Peace Conference and if by chance you are there please come to our Peace Together table and say “hi”.