A Fresh Perspective

Today I am driving from my home in Boulder to Sante Fe for World Peace Conference. There is something about a road trip that I really enjoy. I like getting out on the road to experience new things and see new places. There is this kid in me that goes “oh boy!” Time away from the daily routines is fun and always interesting. When I do things differently, explore new ideas, or go to new places I feel an excitement for life that sometimes gets lost in the habits and groove of normal existence. The coming of Summer seems to naturally get my juices flowing in anticipation of adventures that are there to be experienced.

Life to me is much more interesting when I can freely create my experiences as the day unfolds. When I have the right frame of mind that can happen even in the midst of daily routines. One of the reasons I enjoy reading books that expand my thinking is that I can take the new perspectives and experiment with them. An example of that is I was reading Deepak Chopra’s new book, Buddha and I came upon an idea worth exploring. In the book a wise old monk had talked about when he needed to think clearly he found it most helpful to get away from a where people are and free himself from what he called the clouds of emotions, desires, wishes, and fears that surround people. He wanted to clear the air. As I walked through the city I tuned into the emotional clouds that were everywhere and was amazed at the intensity. I must spend a lot of energy unconsciously just to keep from taking on all that goes on around me. Do you know what I mean? Are you aware of the need to keep your own space in the midst of others?

Then I had a further insight. I realized my own wishes, desires and fears clouded my own perspective. I saw clearly how when I kept focused on what I wanted, I was not available to the present moment. At that moment of insight I also saw the real value of meditation. When I quiet the mind, clear away the clouds, then I can fully be present to what is. My walking meditation lately has changed from thinking about what I want to create to listening to the birds, feeling the air move around me and enjoying the moment. I believe I can better create my life if I am present to what is, rather then what I want it to be. Does that seem right to you?

I invite you to get in touch with the clouds of emotions and thoughts hanging around you. Take some time away for fresh air everyday. Let me know what you discover. I am excited about this new viewpoint and the expanded consciousness that is possible.

Have a good fresh air day and enjoy the moment.