Day One: World Peace Conference

I am in Sante Fe and today I had the great privilege of listening to two Nobel Peace Prize recipients. They were both passionate people who were clearly driven by purpose. One is now the first woman candidate for president of Guatemala. The other is a woman from Vermont who has ended the use of landmines in the world. The Vermont activist was particularly impressive in her message. She totally acknowledges she is driven by her anger at people hurting other people. She said, “I tried to meditate but I was too agitated.” She understands what motivates her and she uses anger to make a difference in the world. That was a good lesson for me. I had this limiting idea that to create peace a person needed to be peaceful inside. She clearly is not peaceful inside but is doing very important work. She is working to end people hurting each other with weapons and that may bring about a more peaceful world. Her next goal is to short circuit the research and build up of new nuclear weapons being quietly conducted by our government. Look out those that say they are just doing this to protect us?

I find myself very energized by the talks and our small group interactions. I also understand even more clearly that talk, ideas and strategies are of little use unless action is taken. I guess that is why they call people activist because they actually go into action. I strongly feel the need for dedicated action in our lives, our communities, this country and around the world. I mean take action now in your own life. Decide what your purpose is, make a plan and take action. In your community join together with others and make things happen for the good of all. On the planetary level your wisdom and action is needed now more then ever before.

I invite you to get passionate about something that matters to you. Look around and see what needs to change; feel what you want to do; team with others; make plans to do what you must do; and then move into full gear. When was the last time you felt on a mission? Do you remember the Blues Brothers on their mission from God? There is no nun with a ruler waiting to rap you on the wrist. It is all up to you. Are you ready to completely step into a life so full of energy and passion that you can go and go until you reach your goals?

Begin to imagine what you want to happen. Feel it, see it, and sense it until every cell is alive with excitement. Then set a course of action and follow through until it is time to celebrate success. You will be glad you did and the world will be a better place because of you.

See you tomorrow after day two.