Day Two: World Peace Conference

This morning I heard some amazing stories about Gandhi. His grandson Arun Gandhi was the keynote speaker today. He told of the two years he lived with his grandfather during a difficult time in his life. Gandhi taught his grandson many lessons about the ways humans can learn to be non-violent in what they think, say and do. These lessons taught him to be more aware. This made it possible for to live a non-violent life and do much less harm to himself and others.

Arun’s parents were obviously affected by the Gandhi way. He said when he misbehaved; instead of being punished his parents would fast because they felt they had let their son down in some way. One time he lied to his father about why he was late in picking him up. The father felt the son couldn’t tell him the truth so the father walked the 18 miles back home. Arun drove the car slowly behind him lighting his way on the dirt unlit roads to their home. He felt so bad that he never told a lie again. The way of Gandhi was unique and powerful because it created this wonderful human being who was speaking to us. Gandhi and his unique ways also led the nation of India to a non-violent liberation from Great Britain

It is always beneficial to hear other perspectives. When I get to see and experience other viewpoints I naturally expand as a person. This conference has been about people coming together and finding ways to bring more peace to the world. There were a variety of cultures represented here and the points of view allowed for discussion that was enriching to everyone involved.

What do you do to expand your perspective? How do you experience other ways of seeing the world? These are very important questions. If you are just talking to people who think and feel like you do then you don’t question yourself. Questionings is an important part of being in the world as conscious as you can be. Consciousness makes inner peace and world peace possible.

What are some ways you find helpful in expanding your consciousness? I will explore this topic more soon.

Until then, be well, conscious and peaceful,