In An Amazing Place

The Peace Conference is over and I am sitting in a wireless café writing my blog here in Sante Fe. The art galleries are endless in Sante Fe and well worth a trip to see while checking out this unique town. After going through a number of the galleries, I am very inspired to get back to painting. I love expressing my creative through abstract painting and collage work. I now have a number of images and examples for some new directions I can explore. Creativity to me is a great source of energy in my life. I am sure even my writing will benefit from new directions in my art work.

Years ago when I visiting Sante Fe I went to this very interesting church. Before I came to this café, I stopped by this church to see the miracle that had happened there. Back in the late 1800’s a chapel had been built. A choir loft had been put in but after the church was completed they realized there was no stairs to it. The ladders the workers used didn’t work for the nuns, who with their garb on, couldn’t climb up to the loft. So the Sisters prayed to Saint Joseph for help. Not too long later a carpenter showed up with his burro and a few very simple tools. He said he had come to build a staircase. They were very excited and he went to work.

He proceeded to build this most amazing spiral staircase without any center support. When he finished the Sisters offered to pay him but he said, “no it was not necessary.“ He packed up his tools and disappeared, never to be seen again. The stairs are still standing but railing has been added because it felt a little scary to go down them without a place to hold on. The stairs are beautiful and the air of something very special still fills the chapel. I feel like I got to see a miracle in material form.

There is something very reassuring about this staircase. Maybe it is to know when I ask for help it is just possible I might get it. Maybe I don’t have to do it on my own. I am three times inspired (conference, art and staircase) and I feel deeply grateful for my trip to Sante Fe.

Whatever happened at this chapel was real and beyond what makes sense. Isn’t it great to know there are loving and supportive forces out there that can help you and I? I invite you to request the help you need and call on a force much greater then you to assist you. There is so much possibility if you and I are open to guidance and assistance.

I hope you can open to further miracles in your life. As it is you and I have been given so much already.