It Feels Great to Be Home

I am back home from the peace conference and it sure feels good to sit here in the comfort and quiet of my home and to write. Yesterday’s blog was written in the noise and chaos of a wi-fi coffee place in Sante Fe. Tonight it is quiet downstairs in my home and I find it so much more supportive to my writing process. Sure, as I have been writing, new experiences are very beneficial to creativity. There is however the benefits of being home and writing in the space where the energy flows so easily. I realize when I am in the comfort of my home, I feel freer and very open to inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, I drove through some very spectacular country on my way home. I went through Taos NM, San Luis, the oldest town in Colorado, and a beautiful valley on the west side of the Spanish Peaks. The mountains of this area are so incredible. I have had a wonderful trip on so many levels.

I was also finished reading Deepak Chopra’s new book, The Buddha over this busy week. So in addition to all the many experiences I had, I also had the adventure of reading the story of the Buddha. This book is a great teaching book about the Buddha’s path of enlightenment. I think it is full of the kind of consciousness that will enrich anyone who reads the story. I so much appreciate the power of story to teach and inspire me. I found the lessons here very profound.

The one lesson that stands out most powerfully for me was that: after all the suffering he put himself through in search of the truth, he realized there was a much less painful way. This way, all though not easy, is about realizing the story you and I are in is not true. We are so much more then our story. We are the infinite one that existed before this lifetime and will continue after our body dies away. There is nothing we have to do to get to enlightenment. We are already there and we just need to realize it.

You will have to read the story and see what the lessons are in it for you.

If you find that you like this book there is another exceptionally written account of the Buddha by Thich Nhat Hahn called Old Path, White Clouds. This book is very different in style but rich too in lessons.

It is getting late and I feel the long drive today in my body as it calls me to rest.