Sunday Morning Questions

There were many questions in my head as I walked this morning in the warmth of the sun. I wondered who was this person walking? Who is asking all the questions? Is there are part of me wiser then the rest of me? Am I separate from all that exists around me or am I connected fully with all living things? Those are enough questions to keep me busy for along time. I feel these questions are my going to church on Sunday. I am beginning to sense a deeper clarity near the surface and that is why I am full of search and inquiry.

I have noticed a struggle with being open to the abundant flow of life. That struggle has been with me for along time. I sense the struggle is mine because for some reason I have an investment in holding onto to the struggle. It is like some part of me thinks the struggle is good for me and my growth as a human being. I feel that idea has been learned somewhere along the way and it is well anchored in my belief system. I have been worked on changing that belief because it feels very limiting to me.

What I understand now more then ever is that this is just a belief and only reality if I hold it as so. I would almost call it an unconscious intention. My intention has always been to grow as a human being to realize my potential and be as fully conscious as possible. Somewhere along the way I got the ideas that struggle was good for me and necessary. Few would argue that this struggle isn’t necessary. I think this belief is well taught to most people.

The opposite of struggle is freedom to be. Free of struggle I can be open to the flow of my being which is at its essence unlimited. I may be a ways from stepping fully into the realization or not? How open can I be?

Do these questions resonate with you? I will write more about these questions as the weeks progress. It seems like this summer is a time for more awakening. Would you like to join me in an adventure of consciousness?