The Natural World Is Abundant

The morning sun is vibrant as it highlights the beauty of my walk along the stream. There is such abundance around me. There are the wild flowers, the variety of grasses, threes, and bushes, the birds, the swollen stream and many other living things. All this abundance is part of me. When I walk in that awareness I feel rich and grateful.

I have been exploring prosperity and abundance as the reality of the natural world. Everywhere I look I see such richness of life. I wonder how to be more aligned with this abundance. I feel the prosperity of the moment as I walk in union with all that surrounds me. I want to learn to take this unity with abundance and manifest a richer flow in my life. What are my limiting belief/ideas that keep me from doing so? That is a very important question.

I am exploring this topic lately because I have some projects I am working on that need a flow of resources. I know the flow is available in me through my union with the abundant universe. I have things to move forward on and I want to do my best to make sure I am open to have what I need. Money is incredible good for making great things happen.

Do you have limiting beliefs around money, abundance and prosperity? If you do, then you may find yourself having barely enough and not all that you need. Can you identify with this state of just enough to make it? There is a belief/theory/saying, “The universe always provides what we need.“ Has that been your experience? It has been my experience on a basic needs level. I have always had the food I need and a place to live. That is not always been true for large numbers of people on the planet. I sense there are some deeper truths here. I am exploring these questions so that I can be more conscious around money, desires, purpose and everything connected to abundance.

What insights do you have around what opens you to flow and what dams it up? How have you tapped into the abundance of the universe? Can you see money as a positive force that can do much good?

I watch a show last night about poverty in the US and I thought that isn’t acceptable. I wonder how we can change that? I see suffering and I want to help. I am sure you too feel compassion for those less fortunate. The benefit of asking the questions of how to be more open to abundance is that when we answer it successfully then all will benefit.

I have been rambling here because I am exploring and have more to learn. I am searching for higher knowing. I want to make a difference. I know in each of us is the most amazing capacity to have a positive influence on the world. With intention, focus and action there is no limits to the powerful difference you and I can make. Join me and together each of us will open to the flow so that everyone can realize the same abundance that natural world has.

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