Is Money On Your Mind?

I thought I would write about money since it is on most people’s minds everyday. True or not true?  Money is the means you and I use to pay for what we need and want. Money is neither good nor bad even though many have judgments about it. What we think about money does influence having it in our lives. As I write this I am aware that even the word money has a charge around it. I have been brought up with some very limiting ideas of money that in unconscious ways have turned into beliefs. These beliefs have had to be examined and replaced with more expansive ones.

Here are a few positive money ideas I am exploring: Money is fun to have; having more money gives me more freedom; I can make more of a difference in the world with more money; I can fund projects that mean a lot to me with more money; I can travel and enjoy the world with more money; I can help friend and family when they are in need with more money. What are your positive ideas around money?

I am writing the word money often in this journal entry today for two reasons: One is to be more and more ok with the word money; Two is because I want to surround the concept of money with a very positive charge of expectation. In the past, I thought of money and had mixed feelings about having it. I wanted more but felt something about money was not ok. Being a young person in the 60’s probably tainted my money ideas. I saw money as representing forces I was against. That was then, now I think of money as a force of positive change in the world. Money truly is neutral. It is what people do with money that many have judgments about. I am working on freeing myself of the good vs bad ideas around money.

How do you feel about money? Do you enjoy having it? Would it be ok to be rich? Do you feel you have to work hard to have it? Do you deserve to have lots of money? What would you do if you had 1, 10, 20 Million dollars? How would you make a positive contribution if you were wealthy? Take some time to explore these questions and more to open you to a larger flow of money.

There are a number of books on money out there. The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker is one that I have found helpful. Mark Victor Hansen, Mark Allen and many others have written other good books on money. I have read a lot on the subject to keep my mind expanding in receptive ways.

I have put together a brief but helpful ebook on the topic called 101 Ways to Be a Money Magnet. It is available on this site for only $6.95 and is the first book in a new series I am writing called Instant Inspiration. This series will be a collection of ideas that will put your mind, emotions, body and spirit in alignment with what you want to make happen in the world. I am very excited about this Instant Inspiration series because it represents the very best ideas and will be inspirational and empowering to those who explore the topics. The Money Magnet book is great to pull out and review each day and especially when you are having a bad money day (like a bad hair day). You know when your thoughts are stinky and you are feeling stuck. Then it is Instant Inspiration to the rescue.

I find it very interesting to note how it feels to self-promote my books. I feel both excited and as if I am doing something I am not suppose to do. It does feel good to offer these books because they represent great ideas I have put together over a lifetime of exploring these topics. The book on 101 Ways to Be a More Conscious Human Being is full of consciousness expanding ideas. There will be more books coming as I have been on a writing surge and feel like I have tapped into an endless source of inspiration.

Let me know what you think of these money ideas and the ebooks. The money ideas and questions will take you to another level of receptivity. I feel you will truly value the books because they will uplift and inspire you to create the life you want.