Self-Doubt or Self-Trust

I was walking last night carefully avoiding a skunk. His tail was raised as he hurried away and I kept my distance. This little guy had a lot of confidence in his ability to have his way. I see that basic trust in self in the animal world around me. There is a small sized burro who parades around making lots of noise at times never worrying about what others think. There is the mother horse protectively standing over her sleeping colt sure of her ability to keep him safe. There are the mom and dad geese ever watchful over the 5 young ones who look willing to chase even hard charging dogs away.

The animal world does not appear to have much self-doubt. It seems we humans are not so fortunate. Were we born with the self-doubt or is in something we learned? I highly suspect we acquired it along the way. That would be an acquisition we could do without. The neutralizer to that doubt would be self-trust. A belief in self and a trust in who we are, is a powerful asset in the world.

Let’s talk about self-trust. Self-trust comes from discovering who you are. Imagine if you really got to know yourself, how much there would be to appreciate. I mean, who you are is incredible at so many levels. Others can tell us more about our strengths and asset then you and I can. If I asked you to write down 10 faults and 10 assets which list would be easier to do. My guess is it would be the faults. We are trained from early on to doubt who we are and that training continues through school and life.

You and I can develop self-trust or maybe it is that we need to remember it. Whatever the case, here are several ideas to encourage self-trust:
1. Take time to begin to notice who you are and appreciate your uniqueness. Each day make a note of something you do well. Keeping a self-appreciation journal would be very helpful.
2. Spend time with your heart. Feel the capacity for love in you. There really is no limit to how much you can love. You can love yourself and the whole planet if you felt like it.
3. Get to know your spirit. This is the part of you that is totally connected to all in the universe. The spirit in you has no doubt because it fully realizes it’s limitless capacities.
4. Find the quiet still place in you that knows. The intuitive, gut instinct, higher knowing you have is always available to you. This inner wisdom is filled with self-trust.
5. Reclaim the child in you and play the game of life with freedom. Children play and have fun as if the world totally supports them in doing so, and it does. Be free, play and trust.

You are an amazing human being so stop this nonsense that you are not. I will do the same and together we will set out on a course to be a positive force for change, compassion and consciousness on the planet.