Seven People of Inspiration

I was thinking about people who have had a big influence in my life. This is a group of individuals I have read and listen too over the years. Each person has touched me deeply and I am grateful for their inspiration. If you haven’t had the opportunity to know them through their books, video’s, talks then I highly encourage you to check them out.

The first one that comes to mind is Leo Buscaglia. They call him the Doctor of Love or the Hug Doctor. He was a wonderful storyteller and a great advocate for the power of love to make life an incredible experience. He wrote inspirational books on love and his talks were filled with joy and love for life. He would hug everyone who came up after his talks sometimes spending and hour or more sharing his radiant heart.

One of my favorite teachers is Ram Dass. I have read his books and attended his talks for many years. His point of view has always spoken directly to my spirit. His stories like Leo’s were filled with humor and inspiration. To sit in meditation with Ram Dass is to feel the flow of grace. I call him an American saint. When you get a chance, read Be Here Now, the brown colored pages will send you on a trip of higher consciousness.

Last year I went to a talk by Deepak Chopra and was simply blown away by how expansive his thinking is. I have listened to his tapes and read many of his books and always felt his work to be powerful. The talk that night just kept on taking me and the audience higher and higher. This is a human who has done his inner work and expanded his consciousness.

There is wonderful Vietnamese monk named Thich Nhat Hahn who writes amazing books filled with clarity and peace. I have been blessed to walk in meditation with him and to feel his stillness and focus is very uplifting. I have mentioned his book Old Path, White Clouds before because it is such a special story of the Buddha’s life and lessons. His other books are great too.

My latest favorite writer is Osho. He is no longer with us but his influential ideas are still very timely. Osho challenges me to expand my points of view and think more then most writer I have come across. His autobiography tells of an extraordinary childhood that sent this guru out into the world in a provocative way. His Book of Secrets is a treasure of mind-expanding ideas.

The quiet impish laugh of Eckhart Tolle always warms my heart. His book Power of Now is a must read for anyone interested in being conscious or aware. His story of awakening gives hope for us all to be enlightened. There are now a number of cd’s and dvd’s available to tap into his peace and wisdom.

Jean Houston is a giant in the field of psychology and human understanding. She has walked and talked with the great ones and shares the most amazing stories. Several years ago I was fortunate to spend 10 days at her yearly Social Artistry Camp and it changed my life. If you want to be uplifted to new heights find where she is talking and go listen.

There have been many others that have blessed my life profoundly. I thought you should know of these seven because they are each very powerful agents for positive change in the world. When you get a chance: read their books; listen to their recordings; and watch their video’s for guaranteed inspiration.

Have a good day and remember that as expansive as all these people are, so are you.  Let yourself be amazing and spread your inspiration wherever you go.