Are You Ready For Some Good News?

Last evening I had the privilege of listening to a visionary and passionate speaker, Paul Hawken. He has authored a number of very successful books on alternative ways to look at business, economics, environment, and social change. His latest book is called Blessed Unrest and if it is one tenth as good as his talk, it is a must read. He has a very optimistic interpretation of the social turbulence in the world. If that isn’t welcome new, then what is? I am starting on this book today.

I found myself feeling like I was part of something very important as I listen to his ideas. He said, there are at a grass roots level hundreds of thousands of organization working to make a better world. They all seem to share the idea that we all have to do what we know is right. There are two guiding principles here: all life is sacred; treat others as you would like to be treated (Golden Rule). These two rules are in every religion and every culture and they are guiding the purposeful work of the largest movement for change in the world. He showed a list of these change organizations on a video and he said if he played it to the end, we would be there for an entire month watching all the names of these non-government organizations (NGO’s). These numbers are hugely amazing to me. My small peace organization Peace Together is part of this massive movement for positive change as it this blog. YES! That was an amazing realization for me and it fills me with hope and joy.

I find it very reassuring that there are so many of us following our purpose to make a positive difference in the world. Each of us has our own path, our own note to play. What we do with our purpose is essential for the good of the whole, never doubt that. There are many forces out there about greed and power but they cannot win against people who are awake to purpose and passionate about sacredness of all life. When we humans treat each other and all living things with the kindness and respect we want to be shown, then the world is set for a powerful realization of it’s highest potential. I am excited about the possibilities here, how about you?

I want to share with you an incredible new source on the web. Paul and a large group of dedicated people have come up with a interactive website with the hope of bringing all of these organizations together to cross pollinate, inspire and encourage each other. It is all free and set up so that everyone can join and get involved. The site is (WE) and it is something to be a part if you are interested in making changes in the world. Please check it out.

I hope you find this information helpful and that you too feel encouraged and inspired in what you do. Look in the mirror today and “tell yourself that what you do with purpose has incredible meaning on the planet and that you do matter today and every day.” Your mission joined with others can alter the course of humanity toward our highest expression of compassion and consciousness.

Please let me know what you think and feel and what you discover on your path to self-realization. Leave comments of email me a