Express and Enjoy Yourself This Holiday and Every Day

Today is the beginning of a long weekend and I look forward to doing things around home and enjoying the nicer days of Spring. There is stuff I need to do and things I want to do. Over the years I have learned to shrink and be efficient with the stuff that needs to be done and spend more time with what I enjoy.

This weekend the fun for me is the creative expression of my writing; my art work that has been brewing since my trip to Santa Fe down Canyon’s Gallery row; and watching some movies, the creative expression of others. Another fun weekend activity for me would be a walk in the beauty of nature, which is so abundant where I live. The wildflowers are bursting out all over the place.

The other fun thing for me is golf. Yes golf is a silly game chasing this ball around a pasture trying to put it in a hole but boy can it be fun. The one good shot makes ups for the seemingly endless mediocre other ones. Golf is a humbling experience, also a great Buddhist practice in non-attachment to results and very enjoyable for me.

What do you do to express yourself? What is very enjoyable for you to do? Your answers to these questions are ways for you to break out of your routines and be who you are in fun and creative ways. This is very important. I was reminded about the importance of the changing of patterns by my trip last week. Getting out of the habit driven ways opened me up and my return home carried that openness into this week. I feel less in a groove of routines and more creative in each moment. That feels much fresher and freer to me.

What plans do you have soon to break from what you do regularly? Where will you go? What will you do that will be fun and a joy? I invite you to appreciate the pattern disruption, to notice how it feels to be out of the ordinary. Be aware of how you respond for there could be a rainbow of reactions from discomfort to bliss. All is ok and even extraordinary.

When you get back from the break feel how different your world is? See how long you can keep the new freshness coloring your days. When you find the routine reigns then it may be time to take a break. You can even do that in a day, a few hours or even in couple of minutes. Keep yourself fresh by even small creative ventures or playful interludes. Sometimes it is a simple as getting up and moving around or turning on some music.

Enjoy and express yourself today and each day and feel how much better life gets. Have fun and create the best in each day.