Let's Be Peaceful

Today is Monday and the beginning of another week. I am really looking forward to things coming up this Spring and Summer. The first event is the World Peace Conference next week in Sante Fe, New Mexico. We will go there to be with like-minded people, to talk about ways to bring more peace to the world, and to share our peace designs with positive messages for peace. Check out those designs at www.peace-together.com. Being with others who want to make a difference will be energizing. When people share an intention and work together the results can be powerful.

Peace is not a political issue; it is personal issue. At a political level peace is probably not going to happen. Politics is about competition, approval seeking and the pursuit of power. Those are not ingredients for peacemaking.

Peace first starts inside each of us. We must begin by finding peace with who we are and with the life we have created. I have a Guide to Inner Peace available to you over on the navigation bar to your right under free downloads. Please feel free to explore this helpful guide. Inner peace is a process that is ongoing.

Once the inner peace is progressing then the next step is for people to get together and talk about how peace can be possible in the world. There are some key components. The first is that we have to get to a place of true compassion for each other. We need to be able to care about all our fellow human beings. With compassion, we can be ok with the many the differences in viewpoint and belief. If we understood that we are all connected on a very basic level beyond out beliefs then compassion for each other is possible.

There are many differing ideas and beliefs but they don’t begin to number the amount of similarities we all share. At a very basic level there is a powerful connection between us all. We all want: a good life; love and friendship; the best for those we care for; the right to be who we are; the desire to express our own unique talents; a hope to enjoy prosperity and abundance; a purposeful and fulfilling life; clean water to drink and air to breathe; the possibility of a better future; and so much more.

These shared hopes and desires offer much common ground and the basis for the people of the world to find ways that we can assist each other in meeting our needs. This is a world according to the Win-Win model. When everyone wins through having at least his or her basic needs met then the world can be peaceful. Is there any doubt that we have the innovation and resources to make sure everyone can have what they need and can seek to make their dreams come true?

I will write more about the peace process over the weeks to come. I see a need to help people to start to imagine that peace is possible. Isn’t it time to evolve past the ego need to control and instead grow the heart of peace in each of us?

If we can imagine it, we can make it happen.