Trust vs Doubt

As the days pass by one by one I find myself often in a cycle of thoughts and emotions. My active mind is always producing a large volume of familiar questions, scenarios, doubts, hopes, inner conversations and much more. There are some regularly themes that seem so important I have to review them or do I? One of the big inner debates is about can I trust the creation of my life to myself or is there some greater force I have to work with? I appreciate a variety of viewpoints here. I have doubt that I really know the answers on this topic. Believe me, it is not from a lack of trying, thinking, sensing, meditating or processing.

In the movie The Secret and in many other sources of thought, there is a prevailing belief that with our thoughts you and I create our reality. There is no doubt there is truth to that idea. I know that if I focus my thoughts and emotions in a positive direction the results have a greater chance of being positive. As a counselor, for many years, I listened to the stories and thoughts of my clients and heard how they were experts at creating lousy realities for themselves by the stream of negativity they focused on. I know when I feel doubt, when I lack trust in myself and the ways of life, I seem to create mixed results. Those mixed results create more doubt and I find myself endlessly searching inward for the hidden barricades of the unconscious. This process of the pursuit of self-awareness seems endless and frankly at times discouraging. Do I know what I am doing? More questions, more unknown and the doubt feeds itself.

Now let’s get back to the question of me or a greater force at work? Is there any doubt that there is a greater force then you or I in the universe? I would say there is no doubt. I know I didn’t create the infinite universes that exist. Did you? Probably not, if you did please give me a call because I have some questions (what a surprise) and a request or two. Whatever that force is, I observe that it is not really understood by the world religions because they all seem a chaotic bunch of ramblings and questionable beliefs.

Another viewpoint is one of trust. This trust is of myself and that I am doing my best. When in that state, life looks brighter, things seem more possible and my mental and emotional state has more of a flow to it. That greater force is in me or I am in it. When I trust that a greater wisdom then my ego and personality is involved then I feel lighter and more relaxed. I could say with some confidence there is a higher Self in me that is connected to the creative force of the universe. That makes sense to me, what do you think? If there is in me this greater force then there is that force in you. Maybe you and I are living our lives to realize that infinite mind in each of us?

Obviously, I don’t have all the answers. I do recommend trusting the wiser part of yourself as the best guiding force for your life. Pay attention to what you feel, think and know is your higher truth. Trust your sense of knowing. Doubt may just be the ego playing its game of sabotage. I know in my life that when I trust in myself and things working out, they generally do. I get impatient at times, but you probably don’t, right? That impatience in me is doubt.

I make a commitment today to explore the path of trust. Would you like to join me?

Here are three steps to more trust in you and the greater knowing inside and beyond.
1. Begin to reshape your inner dialogue to reflect a trust in yourself and a higher knowing you have access to. Stop the endless cycle of self-doubt, not deserving and other limiting thoughts by paying attention to what you think about.
2. Take time every day to quiet your mind and appreciate something about you and your life. Sit, relax and appreciate.
3. Each day get clear what experiences you want to have and then listen and follow the knowing inside of you. The more you listen the more you will know. The more you trust the more you open to the flow.

May trust expand into the knowing of the Self in you that is one with the creative force of the Universe.

Let me know what you discover. I share my journey here hoping it will shed some light on yours. If you have light to share please do so. We all could use all we can get.