Time To Be Creative

Today I wanted to write about creativity. There is in you and me a need to express creatively. Why is that? I find that when I explore my creative urges I am inspired, I feel alive and full of the energy of life. Creativity is you and I traveling on the road of who we are and what our potential is. To create is to express and expression is positive and self-nurturing. Creativity can be expressed through painting, writing, collage, song writing, design, sculpture, presentations, humor, gardening, innovations in business, photography, movement, relationship building, fiber art, parenting, crafts, play and other ways. What forms of expression do you like to explore?

Today I want to do some writing, drawing and maybe painting. As you can see my writing has happened. I love blogging because I get to explore my creativity every day.

I feel the urge in me to play with the unexpressed. Creativity is a natural way to see what needs to be expressed. When I sit at my computer or take out my brushes and pens, I can allow them to say what they need to say. That expression sets me free. Sometimes emotions and thoughts come out in paragraphs, blobs or interesting forms. Other times ideas come into shape and evolve.

The whole process is interesting to watch. I find it most powerful if I can step aside and allow my art or my writing to just express. Stepping aside means I allow what wants to be expressed to come out without trying to make it happen. In writing when I allow, I get an energized flow of words that dance from my fingers onto the screen. In painting, the colors start to call me onto the surface I am working on. I often have no idea where the writing or the painting will go. This spontaneous expression feels full of life and so freeing.

What ways do you allow a creative flow to come through you? Too many people think of themselves as not being creative. That is simply not true. Everyone was born with creativity (just watch children if you have any doubts) but somewhere along the way it got blocked or in some way lost.

Now is a good time now to rediscover what creative urges are waiting to express themselves. If you already have good channels for expression, take a risk and explore new ones. The more you let the cat out of the bag, the more you can purr with the joy of expression.

Have some fun today or soon with your creative expression. I will let you in on my adventures. Please let me in on yours. I would be willing to show your photos and art expressions, a poem, other writings here on this blog if it seems to fit with my themes. Maybe we will have summer creative expression displays throughout the next few months? This sharing and summer expression just came to me now so the form is in very early birth. Please if you have ideas or something to share, leave me a comment or email me at explorelifeblog@gmail.com