The Power of Focus

Do you know what you want to create in your life? I use the word create her because it is the creative part of your mind/heart/spirit that is the most powerful force within you for manifest in the world. Aligning with these creative forces allows you to bring into the world what is most important to you. With creativity, intention and focus you can take charge of your life.

A few years ago I came upon a very good book for focusing called The Circle by Laura Day. The book talks about using the circle as a way to focus yourself on what you want to bring into your life. This book’s ideas work very well. The power of the circle is recognized across cultures.

Imagine the circle as a place of power. You place in the circle an intention for what you want to create. Then you charge the circle with the energy of you passion, desire and purpose. With that circle power flowing out into the world you ready yourself for the possibilities that come your way. You make room to receive what you want and do what it takes to actively participate in making it happen. The details of this book will spell this journey out for you. The power of focus is in the circle and in you waiting to be of service.

Another excellent resource for focusing in Wayne Dyer's book called Intention. His other books are good but to me this one has real power. Get a copy of the book, read it and then use his ideas to focus your efforts. When you have a clear intention you can create amazing results. He write about a variety of focusing subjects including: being on purpose; growing your self acceptance; being authentic; learning to relax and let go; attracting abundance; living in appreciation; and much more.

Books are friends that can set you in the right direction. Reading ideas that charge up your focus can make you more effective at bringing about the life you want. Keep exploring and learning and one day soon you will wake up and realize you have created the life you have focused on. That will be a day to appreciate and celebrate. Congratulations on being the creator of your life.