Do Absolutely Nothing

I was thinking about the way I go about trying to be a more aware and conscious human being. I actively seek my own growth because I feel there is much potential in me yet to be tapped. My latest awareness about personal growth and development is that effort may be over-rated.

Here is a quote about what you have to do to wake up to your true self from Gangaji a spirit teacher I have a great respect for and truly value her perspective.

“You have to do nothing to wake up. Nothing! Isn’t this the last thing you expected? This is the last place you thought to look. Everyone is scurrying to do something to get awareness. Everyone is reading, retreating, and practicing just to wake up. If it is as complicated as doing something then this implies that you are separate from that which is awake.

You are not separate from what is awake. You are That. Don’t do anything. Don’t even not do anything. Be absolutely still. “

Take some time to carefully consider and contemplate this teaching from Gangaji. If you can fully understand what this means in your heart and soul; you are free.

Her book Diamond in Your Pocket is very expansive and full of teachings like these.

At this time in my life, I am drawn intuitively to traveling down this simple but challenging path to self-realization. The form is uncluttered but the path of inquiry takes focus and commitment. Or am I making in more complicated then it is? I will let you know. Try these ideas on and see where they take you.

Be expansive and live from heart.