Five Things You Can Do To Change the World

You and I can do something positive for all that share this planet. Here are 5 ways you can make a real difference. Take the time necessary to make each one of these a reality in you. You can be a wise and conscious human being and be a positive force for a better world.

1. Develop Compassion – You were given a heart to fill you with life and love. This world needs lot of love, understanding and compassion. The more you are able to be guided by your heart, the better you will feel and the more caring and kind you will become. Real compassion is listening, seeking understanding, being there for others, and loving with an open heart. Step beyond the fear and be led by you heart. Find ways to be compassionate in what you say, think and do each day.

2. Stop Judging and Start Accepting – Begin by accepting unconditionally who you are. You and your uniqueness is a gift to the world. End all self-judgment and instead be self-appreciating. The next step is to turn off the judging machine inside of you (your mind) towards others. Stop judging people’s beliefs and ideas as wrong and instead seek to understand and accept differences. Explore ending the labeling everything as either “good” or bad” and try just being with what is.

3. Respect All Of Life – All life on the planet deserves your respect. As a species, it is time for you and I to end the killing of others and the Earth for power and greed. This includes ending all wars and the corporate irresponsibility towards humans and other living things including the planet. This is a challenging one that may seem beyond what you can do. It isn’t because you and I can speak up and demand that our government and our companies do what we know is right. This will take real courage and determination.

4. Realize You Are More The Your Thoughts And Feelings – This is a big step. Your thoughts and feelings are not you. Who you are existed before you inhabited this body and will continue after you die. Find out who this person is beyond the personality, beyond the 50,000 thoughts a day, beyond the roller coaster of emotions. There is in you vast resources of wisdom, consciousness, compassion and energy. You have within you a world changing purpose that only you can fulfill. Be that expansive purpose.

5. Realize That We Are All Connected – This is a very important concept to live by because it is radical to most people’s thinking. There is much more in common between you and all others then there are differences. Sure there are different beliefs and ideas but under all that are shared hopes for a life of love, friendship, kindness, prosperity, opportunity, a nice home and our needs being met. Begin to expand your thinking and explore unity consciousness. There is a place in you that is deeply connected to all living things. Open to that place and realize the profoundness of our connection.

You and I can explore these ideas and integrate them into who we are now. Then we can spread the ideas around the Earth and the glow of peace and consciousness will shine throughout the Universe.